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Knutsford Childminding ~ my e-books

Outstanding Ofsted Registered Childminder

Knutsford, Cheshire

Est. 1994

Here's a list of all my books!

001 - Multicultural Activities for pre-school Children – at least 2 fully planned activities for each month, following the EYFS areas of learning and development; plus lots of general multicultural and global activity ideas - this really is a massive resource!
Price - £8.99 plus £1 p&p – this e-book will be posted out on a CD as it is too big to email.

002 - Childminders Daily Diary - daily, weekly and monthly forms to complete, to make sure you meet all statutory and good practice requirements for the EYFS. Includes planning and observation sheets, self-evaluations and lots and lots of other forms - I love making forms!
ONLY - £4.99

003 - Religions of the World - perhaps for slightly older children, all your religion questions answered, with stories from each major religion and pictures to print for colouring.
ONLY - £4.99

004 - Children's Behaviour - hints and tips on how to manage various behaviours, positive behaviour management techniques, ideas for how to word your behaviour management policy and ideas on how to tackle bullying.
ONLY - £4.99

005 - Risk Assessments - the EYFS will make risk assessments obligatory - get ready early! This e-book contains a full risk assessment for every area of your home, with sample forms and ideas for good practice. There is also a section on risk assessing outings.
ONLY - £6.99

006 - Outside Play - the EYFS will make every day an outside play day! This e-book contains ideas for how to plan, develop, resource and make the most your outside area (large or small), including ideas for games to play and lots of fun things to do. It includes safety and risk assessment advice.
ONLY - £4.99

007 - Music and Rhymes - Songs, rhymes and words, making instruments, lots of planned song activities and much more musical ideas. This is one of my favourite e-books as I use ideas from it every week to plan new activities and give me fresh ideas for making songs fun!
ONLY - £3.99

008 - December Celebrations Planning - there are 13 multicultural festivals in December and I have included planning for each, linked to the EYFS.
Note - if you want this and you already have ‘Multicultural Activities for pre-school Children’, 2 of the celebrations are duplicated, although I have tried to put a bit more in for each.
ONLY - £4.99

009 - Seasons Planning - covers spring, summer, autumn and winter and linked to the EYFS, this e-book includes my multicultural planning calendar. There are lots of ideas for activities to support many of the global festivals and celebrations through the year - except December as that’s covered in ‘December Celebrations Planning’.
ONLY - £5.99

010 – People Who Help Us Planning - a popular theme for young children. This e-book contains planning, games and activities for lots of different occupations. It is multicultural and has been written with an awareness of anti-discriminatory practice. There is an attachment of flash cards I made for a mindee who is a visual learner.
Note - the pictures used in this e-book are freely available for public use from various websites on the internet. I have referenced each back to source where possible or left the © intact as relevant. I am not selling the illustrations – they are provided for colour only. There is plenty of written material in this e-book to more than warrant the selling price.
ONLY - £3.99

011 – Meeting the Standards – this e-book is designed to prepare the reader for an Ofsted inspection by taking a close look at each of the 14 National Standards and showing how you can best meet and exceed them… with activities for the children and links to more information.
Note - this is not relevant to the EYFS, it has been written for the National Standards.
ONLY - £3.99

012 – Children’s Favourite Books – planning – to help celebrate the National Year of Reading, 12 favourite books, from popular contemporary authors, planned and ready for your next reading session with the children. The e-book includes sample planning sheets and suggestions for activities to cover all aspects of the EYFS curriculum.
ONLY - £3.99

014 – EYFS Observations - all the information you need to begin observing and assessing children in line with the new Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) requirements. Sample observations, ideas for how to set out your observations so parents and children can benefit from the information... there is also a big section on how to celebrate each child’s learning journey with them and their parents… and lots more!
ONLY - £4.99

015 – EYFS Planning – there is a lot written about how to plan for EYFS – this is my interpretation! I have used the EYFS as a base for showing how we can best plan for each child’s learning journey. This includes looking closely at each of the Foundation Stage Principles and seeing how these are linked to good practice – which we do every day.
ONLY - £4.99

NOTE – I am going to do one about the EYFS next... I’m just waiting until they tell us what changes are being made to the Welfare Standards… I believe a revision is due out soon.

The other stuff –

- All pages can be printed again and again – just save them to your hard drive;

- Childminders Daily Diary comes in Microsoft Word format so you can personalise the forms, the rest are supplied in Adobe Reader format due to repeated plagiarising by other buyers;

- I haven’t used much colour because I know people don’t always have a colour cartridge in their printer;

- All links on my website to Sparklebox are included with the site owner's permission;

- All my material contains references / ideas for good practice from relevant books, magazines and websites. Every time I use an outside reference, I inform the reader, both within the text and in a references chapter at the end;

- Free P&P - apart from ‘Multicultural Activities’, all the e-books will be emailed to you once I have received your payment – I aim for this to be same or next day, but I work with children so please bear with me!

- Please make immediate payment by PAYPAL – you can use your credit card;
Please note – PayPal e-cheques take 7-10 days to clear!

- Please be certain about what you are ordering as it is impractical to offer returns or refunds on an e-book;

- If you have any questions or have problems, please contact me and I will do my best to help;

- I offer customers ongoing support – please email me if there are any issues you need to discuss.

Please do not consider re-selling my books. I am selling them to you for your own use only.

They have taken me many years to produce and I will pursue anyone who copies any of the material from them to sell as their own.

Thank you!

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