Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Outside art and the EYFS

Andy Goldsworthy is a British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist who lives in Scotland and produces sculptures using nature and natural elements.

We have been exploring his work on the internet and looking at some of the pictures he makes. Inspired by this, we set off on a nature hunt to find some resources to make an outside collage, which we could leave outside to be reclaimed by the elements later.

The children found leaves, twigs, interesting stones, a small branch, some pieces of slate and a couple of chunks of coal. We also carefully picked a very few flowers - we are always aware of our impact on the environment when picking flowers and we take scissors so we do not pull up the roots by accident.

When we came back, we made our sculptures in the garden on one of the tree trunks, tucked away in the corner of the garden, so it wouldn’t be knocked when playing later. All the children worked together on the sculpture and took great pride in showing it to their parents when it was finished.

This activity can be linked to the EYFS in many ways - children are...
- using their bodies to reach, stretch, bend, lift etc which links with physical development;
- looking up images on the computer, linking to knowledge and understanding of the world;
- finding out about a famous artist;
- creating something using crafts, which links with creative development.

Depending on the individual child's learning and development, you might observe them...
- counting their leaves (problem solving, reasoning and numeracy);
- cooperating and sharing with others (personal, social and emotional development;
- attempting to find initial letters for the natural resources (communication, language and literacy);
- wanting to find out more about trees or other natural resources (knowledge and understanding of the world).