Monday, 21 July 2008

People who help us ~ themed activities for EYFS

‘People who Help us’ is a popular theme which children enjoy. It is often child-initiated, as children come into the setting talking about the refuse collector they have seen or the ambulance which went past when they were on their way that morning. 'People who Help us' is used in all early years settings to teach children about personal safety and to encourage them to take notice of the world around them.

For this reason, I have written a planning e-book which contains ideas for activities to follow the children’s interests within this theme, all following the learning and development guidance of the EYFS.

You can buy my ‘People who Help Us’ e-book on my website –

To complement your story telling and my e-book, Chell from has added a wonderful set of flat glove puppets to her range, which cover many of the characters you will be thinking about when you plan this theme eg nurse, policewoman, farmer and doctor.

With the farmer flat glove puppet, simply add some small world animals, a Lego or home-made farmyard scene, a few animal jigsaws and a selection of farm related books (Farmyard Tales from Usborne books are perfect) and you have a wonderful story sack to inspire children.

Children should be encouraged to use these resources both inside the setting and outdoors. They can use the glove while pretending to milk the cow, find eggs from the hen and do all the other things, just like Spot the Dog in ‘Spot goes to the Farm’ by Eric Hill.