Monday, 4 August 2008

EYFS Self Evaluation form - SEF

I promised an e-book about the SEF and it's done..!

I have been reading this wonderfully long and complicated document and trying to work out what to put for each question... some of the SEF questions are definitely easier to answer than others!

I have not written a SEF for every Childminder in England - that would be very unhelpful and ultimately wrong. Your SEF has to be your own self-reflective document which complements your way of working, because you have to come back to it, time and again, making updates and adding things you have improved.

What I have done, however, is to give examples of how questions might be answered and asked relevant questions to get you thinking and remembering just how well you already do things and what you might want to think about to improve and strengthen your already good practice.

I have bundled 'Guide to the SEF' with another e-book 'Guide to Ofsted inspections'. Together you will find over 100 pages of advice, information, ideas, suggestions for good practice...

It's on my website ~