Monday, 23 February 2009

Working with others

The EYFS says that we must work with other settings, other professionals and people in the local area to enhance children’s learning experiences and help them progress towards the 5 outcomes of the Every Child Matters agenda...

1. Be healthy;

2. Be safe;

3. Enjoy and achieve;

4. Make a positive contribution;

5. Achieve economic wellbeing.

Working with others forms part of our commitment towards Principle 3.4 of the EYFS which covers ‘The Wider Context’. Principle 3.4 talks in detail about enhancing children’s learning and development experiences by partnership working and gives ideas for good practice.

My new mini e-book 18, Working with others, will support you with ideas for making this work. It contains good practice advice from other childminders and suggestions for things to try when the going gets tough and other settings / professionals just don’t want to play the game.

Working with others is available on my website priced at £1.45.