Sunday, 4 September 2011

Toddler checks for 2 year olds… what do childminders think?

The Government is proposing, in the EYFS review, that every child in England who attends an early years setting undergoes a check at between the ages of 2 and 3 years to link in with Health Visitor checks which take place at around the same time.

The review will be carried out to check children’s development in what the EYFS (2012) recognises as the 3 prime areas…

- Personal, social and emotional development;

- Physical development;

- Communication and language.

When the checks have been carried out, parents will be provided with a written summary of their child’s development.

There are arguments for the checks… the government suggests it will enable practitioners and parents to note areas of children’s progress which need support, to provide next steps in their future learning and development.

However, there are powerful arguments against… individual children’s development is never as simple as the Government would like us to believe; appropriate training might not be accessible to those writing the checks; parents might not accept the results, saying their child does or says different things at home; the tests might become an area where parents compete against each other to ‘hot house’ their children so that better results are gained.

The consultation paper for the EYFS review is online and open until the end of September – please make your views known!

You can find it here -