Friday, 24 February 2012

Knutsford Childminding and

I have recently started writing some Information Guides for gold members of, the childminder advertising website.

My Information Guides can be found in the ‘Childminder Plus’ section of the website after you have logged in.

I have written about lots of different subjects including planning, meal time issues, paperwork requirements for the EYFS, making displays, the importance of active play, writing risk assessments, resourcing multiculturalism, advertising your business, communicating with parents, developing fine motor skills, food provision, managing individual needs, outside play and many more.

A recent Information Guide with advice about completing the childminder Self Evaluation Form (SEF) has been particularly well received and I was delighted to be given the following feedback on the comments page of my website –

‘Hello Sarah, I have just downloaded your SEF piece on and have found it to be a well written and informative document! Thank you for this as it has helped me so much with my own! Martin (Bournemouth)’

I am also preparing a series of ‘reflection on provision’ guides to help childminders with self reflection to encourage everyone to regularly their provisions – will release one a month through the year.

I have lots more ideas for Information Guides… however, if any of my lovely blog readers are also gold members and would like to suggest titles for future guides please contact me!

Chat soon, Sarah x