Thursday, 2 August 2012

Speaking to parents before changing conditions of registration - variations from Sept '12

A number of childminders have asked for further clarification of this requirement. Here you go!

EYFS 2012 requirement 3.40 - ‘If a childminder can demonstrate to parents and/or carers and inspectors, that the individual needs of all the children are being met, then exceptions to the usual ratios can be made when childminders are caring for sibling babies, or when caring for their own baby.’

How do you comply with this if you don’t talk to parents? How do you prove the conversation took place if you don’t record it?

Do you think Ofsted will only relate this to changes for babies and not older children if a complaint is made against you?

My document on variations (in free downloads on the Childminding Forum) was checked by Ofsted and consulting with parents was something that was confirmed as required. You can find it here.

Penny has also spoken to Ofsted as well – the thread is here

Ofsted said -
‘We think each person considering whether to take on additional children needs to think about:
- The length of time they are providing care
- Whether their furniture and equipment is sufficient
- How they will deliver the learning and development requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage to all the children they care for and help them make the best possible progress
- Informing all parents so that they understand what this might mean for their own child’s care
- How they organise their day so that all children get enough of their time.’

Current requirements -
It is a tick box on the current variation request document to state that parents have been consulted -

G. Discussion with parents
You should discuss your request with parents of minded children. You should make sure they understand how this will impact on their children if granted and seek their views and opinions.
I confirm I have discussed my request with parents of minded children

It is clarified in the new guidance document – page 6 – example 1 – ‘She consults the parent of the two-year-old before agreeing to take the twins.’

I have nearly finished a guidance document about variations including ideas for informing parents and writing your risk assessment - watch this space!