Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Childminders reject agencies!

Childminders have started a Twitter campaign against agencies - will you join us?

We read the latest message from Community Playthings - ‘Who will speak for the child’ and we nod our heads and say ‘we are trying - but the Government aren’t listening to us yet’

Hundreds of childminders, parents and other professionals have contributed to an analysis of the Government’s ‘More Great Childcare’ plan which has been sent to Government and the press.

We have written letters to Mr Truss, our MPs, members of the Opposition and the Prime Minister.

We have designed a poster to hand out to parents, other childminders and settings to share our concerns and make them aware of the risks to children if these plans go ahead.

The Govt are pushing the ‘More Great Childcare’ plan through and do not seem to be listening to our views.

Did I mention that childminders do not want agencies?

We have written to Ofsted to express our concerns about the plan.

We believe that the plan has to stop before independent childminding becomes unsustainable.

Will the Govt listen to comments on its own childminder agency consultation? To date over 96 replies - all negative.

Will the Government listen to responses on its questionnaire about Ofsted regulation?

Childminders are horrified that Ms Truss’ office asked for those who disagree with her plans to stay away from a meeting recently in Northampton. What does this say about democracy?

And still the Government are pushing the plan through and not listening to our views. Complacency is not an option!

Childminders do not want the Government to change adult:child ratios either. We believe that this will risk damaging outcomes for our precious children and affect our sustainability -

Over 23,000 people so far have signed a petition against agencies! I think this shows the strength of feeling...

Childminders just want to be left alone to do our jobs! We do not want to be told we are ‘lagging behind’ other providers when we know that is not true! We do not want to be told we only offer care, not education - when we know that is not true!

We want to carry on being independent childminders, loving and caring for the children while teaching them through play and fun - and running sustainable small businesses.

Childminders reject agencies! Tell all your friends and colleagues on Twitter!! Tweet and re-tweet and join the campaign against agencies!

Thank you. Sarah x