Saturday, 3 May 2014

Personal plans – Care Plans - SCOTLAND

Personal plans – also known as Care Plans - SCOTLAND

It is a legal requirement ‘2011 No. 210 SOCIAL CARE: The Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland (Requirements for Care Services) Regulations’ (01.04.2011) that you prepare a written plan for every child in your care within 28 days of their start date -

‘A provider must, after consultation with each service user and where it appears to the provider to be appropriate, any representative of the service user, within 28 days of the date on which the service user first received the service prepare a written plan (“the personal plan”).’

You must share the plan with the child / parents -

(2) Subject to paragraph (3) a provider of a care service must—
(a) Make the personal plan available to the service user and to any representative consulted under paragraph (1).

You must review the plan if requested, if something changes and at least 6 monthly –

‘(b) Review the personal plan—
(i) When requested to do so by the service user or any representative;
(ii) When there is a significant change in a service user’s health, welfare or safety needs; and
(iii) At least once in every six month period whilst the service user is in receipt of the service;
(c) Where appropriate, after any review mentioned in sub-paragraph (b), and after consultation with the service user and, where it appears to the provider to be appropriate, any representative, revise the personal plan.’

You must inform the child and parents that there has been a review and update them on any changes you have made to the plan –

‘(d) Notify the service user and any representative consulted under paragraph (2)(c) of any such revision.’

You can find further guidance to help you write personal / care plans for every child in your service (including over 8s) in e-book 68 ‘SHANARRI – Scotland’ (only £2.99) from

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