Saturday, 26 April 2008

Our listening walk

We were thinking about loud and quiet noises today, so we went out for a listening walk.

We took the tape recorder with us so we could listen to the sounds when we came back and the children suggested what to record.

We heard so many noises - obvious ones like cars, a motorbike, a dog barking, birds singing and ones we don't listen to or notice very often like a long goods train going over the bridge (lucky that one!), a van beeping as it reversed, ducks quacking, children laughing, our footsteps through some puddles of water etc...

When we came back, we listened to the noises on the recorder again, tried to remember what they were and thought about whether they were loud or quiet. We read 'Quiet, Loud' by Leslie Patricelli and got the instruments out to experiment with different sounds.

It was a great activity and one which all the children enjoyed ... hopefully they did a lot of learning while having fun and experimenting with technology!

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Our nature walk

We have been thinking about spring this week... unfortunately the weather has been against us and the snow made us feel a bit chilly and not at all spring-like, but we have managed some forays into the garden.

We have seen the buds growing on trees and little plants pushing though the soil... we drew some of the plants and talked about the different shades of green in the garden. This was followed by a very messy paint mixing session!

To try and include all areas of learning and development in our activities, I planned for us to go on a nature walk.

- We thought carefully about what clothes we needed to wear to be dressed for the weather (PSED);

- We talked about what we might see on our walk and spent time looking together at some flower and nature books so we could make a list of things to try and spot (CLL);

- We counted all the items on our list and planned to make a counting line when we came back (PSR&N);

- We talked about which way we would go on our walk and the children made suggestions, using their knowledge of the local area (KUW);

- Of course, the walk itself would ensure we got plenty of good exercise in the fresh air (PD);

- We decided that we would make some daffodil pictures on our return (CD).

A great time was had by all!

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