Thursday, 29 July 2010

Information for new childminders

Since writing my e-book 42 'Registration advice for new childminders' I have received a number of emails from new and potential childminders asking me for follow-up e-books explaining other areas of the registration process.

For this reason, I have put together a series of 3 mini e-books, which are priced at £1.45 each and which cover...

Mini 34 - Writing a business plan;

Mini 35 - Marketing your business;

Mini 36 - Meeting with parents.

The 3 mini e-books follow on from each other and give essential advice on everything from business planning to getting your marketing right to welcoming parents and children into your home.

The 3 mini e-books are available from my websites...

Knutsford Childminding and Knutsford Childminding.

I hope you find them useful :)

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Inclusion, childminders and the EYFS

Inclusion forms a big part of the EYFS.

Most childminders have been approached at some point in their working life to care for children with conditions ranging from eczema to ADHD, from asthma to threadworm.

This e-book aims to support you in effectively caring for these children ... I have done the research for you so when you talk to the parents you will already have some background knowledge of the child’s condition.

I have also included information about how to write a care plan and how to effectively manage a child's condition while meeting the requirements of the EYFS.

Please remember that every child is different and parents know their child best.

There are over 100 pages of information laid out over 3 chapters... and I will research any conditions for you if you need more information, just email me -

I know that nobody will need all the information included in this e-book every day, so I hope I have priced it for buying as a useful reference book to keep in your files and dip into when needed.

This new e-book is priced at - £3.99

It is available from my website... my e-books are now set out over 4 pages!!

Thank you! :)