Thursday, 29 July 2010

Information for new childminders

Since writing my e-book 42 'Registration advice for new childminders' I have received a number of emails from new and potential childminders asking me for follow-up e-books explaining other areas of the registration process.

For this reason, I have put together a series of 3 mini e-books, which are priced at £1.45 each and which cover...

Mini 34 - Writing a business plan;

Mini 35 - Marketing your business;

Mini 36 - Meeting with parents.

The 3 mini e-books follow on from each other and give essential advice on everything from business planning to getting your marketing right to welcoming parents and children into your home.

The 3 mini e-books are available from my websites...

Knutsford Childminding and Knutsford Childminding.

I hope you find them useful :)