Sunday, 29 August 2010

Information Commissioners Office

Childminders have been told that we are now classed as 'data handlers' if we use a computer or digital camera to hold information about childminded children or their families.

Since most childminders take photos of childminded children to help meet the statutory requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (Eyfs) it affects us all.

So, I duly paid my £35 annual fee to the Information Commissioners Office and I can now use my camera, computer and any other digital devices to hold information about the children.

Now this is something I do not quite understand... before I paid this fee, I used to take photos, immediately print them and then delete...

Now I can take photos, store them on memory sticks, put them on my computer, upload them (with parents permission), send them online for printing etc.

Similarly, before I paid this fee, I never used my computer to process information about children, it was all done by hand.

Now I am busily typing up reports, summary assessments etc and preparing my invoices and other forms on the computer before printing.

While this has undoubtedly made my life easier and speeded up the monthly paper production process, I am doing far more on my computer and camera than ever before... and I am at a complete loss to see how paying £35 has made things safer for children!

If anyone can answer that one, please let me know!

Talk soon xx